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Month: February 2010

More Francesca Lee Reviews, Yoshi's show

Francesca Lee’s album “The Pieces Left” is garnering some really nice press lately including this 4 star review from Venuszine (see below)

Francesca will also be appearing at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on March 8 with a few other SF singer songwriters, including Chi McClean (whose album I helped engineer with Boone Spooner), Megan Slankard and Garrin Benfield

Francesca Lee
The Pieces Left (Modo Rama Music)
By Camille Ikalina Robles?Published: February 11th, 2010 | 7:01am

On the cover of her sophomore release, The Pieces Left, singer-songwriter Francesca Lee dons a peach colored vintage dress holding a pair of scissors, cutting out paper hearts that sit strewn across her lap. It’s the perfect setting for what you’ll find inside this introspective album. Wistful and dreamy, The Pieces Left is deeply reflective lyrically — and musically, luscious pop.
Lovingly crafted over varying piano compositions, the musical narratives reveal characters trying to find their place in the world. A little bit bruised, confused, and questioning, they seem fresh out of a break-up or fresh from a fall and contemplating the broken pieces left on the floor. Still, the songs remain deeply hopeful. This is most obvious on the upbeat, electronic-esque “Fly.” Here, Lee sings,”I know I’m hard to find / Please give me some more time,” and later in the chorus, “Where do I begin / Will I ever be sure of my own life?”
The emotive nature of Lee’s songs is a pretty convincing promotion of her live show. Instantly likable and sing-able, it is a sincere compliment when I say Lee’s songs could easily be a soundtrack to a primetime drama. “Fly” along with “Maybe Today,” “Losing You,” and “Truth and Lies” are musical gems and most defining of Lee’s luscious piano pop. On a few tracks the sentiments become a little repetitive and sometimes mediocre, but when Lee gets it right her compositions musically and lyrically shine.

Francesca Lee official site
Francesca Lee MySpace

2 More Super Adventure Saturdays to go!

It’s been a really fun start to Super Adventure Club’s month-long residency at Hotel Utah. We’ve been writing a new song and learning a new cover for each show, so it’s been quite a hectic and challenging schedule. The first show was a smashing success with an all night dance party into the wee hours.

The second show turned out to be an intimate, pre-valentine’s day piece of excitement when the power went out in the whole building write at the beginning of the 2nd opener’s set. Our friends in Please Do Not Fight (who put on an excellent acoustic set in the dark) loaned me a guitar and Jake and I ended up doing our electro-dance pop acoustically, which was both a huge challenge and a lot of fun.

The next installment will happen this Saturday night with Robustitron, Weather Pending and TIGERcat. Come on out and get down.

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