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Month: March 2008

Forest Sun new albums now available online


Last spring (2007), I worked with Forest Sun on a creative blitz of recording that is now available as two albums.

So Nice, the first of the two, is an upbeat, fun, sexy, funky album that features Steve Adams (ALO) and Michael Messer (Those Darned Accordions) on drums. It’s the lighter side of Forest’s prolific songwriting.

Harlequin Goodnight, the second album, is a dreamier more “indie” sounding record with some guest appearances from Sean Hayes, Larkin Gayl and Zach Blizzard (whose debut album I’m also producing).

We recorded both records over the course of 2 weeks and ended up with two great, very different records. Check them out. Available at CD Baby (recommended) and iTunes .

Recording Noise Pop 2008


I just spent the last 4 nights recording shows for the Noise Pop festival here in San Francisco, which meant I unfortunately, missed the Forest Sun CD release show on Saturday. I’m seriously wishing I could learn a way to split myself into fractions: a feeling which will only become worse as I get ready to head to SXSW next week in Austin.

Lots of work going on before then though. Mostly working in the big room at Broken Radio, which is always fun.


Tracking 5 more songs with Francesca Lee and the New Believers (where I’m producer / engineer / bassist).

Recording piano with James Riddle.

Mixing with Cannons and Clouds.

Tracking and mixing with J L Stiles.

Editing a Super Adventure Club video.

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