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Month: December 2007

Recording and mixing JL Stiles at Broken Radio


Spent a few days this month recording and mixing songwriter and troubadour JL Stiles.??JL is quite a force of nature and has a really great sense of songwriting, arrangement and sound. Last week, we recorded and mixed 2 songs in the big room at Broken Radio over the course of 12 hours. We tracked drums, guitar and upright bass live with no headphones or overdubs (other than lead vocals). The live room at the studio sounded perfect for Stiles’ approach: very focused on the performance and the sound of the room as it went down.

Today, we mixed a few other songs that he tracked earlier in the year before he took a long jaunt to Nepal. The songs are reminiscent of Tom Waits (who tracked in the room at Broken Radio a few years ago) or Jimmy Reed. JL Stiles is a very unique character and a talented artist.

Recording David Gray & KT Tunstall


It was a long night in the underground labyrinth of Oakland’s Paramount Theater last Thursday. Boone, Jon Perkins (our new assistant engineer / intern) and I spent 15 hours in the basement beneath the orchestra pit to set up and record KT Tunstall and David Gray who performed for KFOG’s Concert for Kids charity show.

It was an quite a different place from which to record. Most of the night we heard the banging of the performers’ feet  over our heads louder than the sound of the actual mix which wafted in from the hallways. At one point, we heard pieces of the duct work fall from the ceiling overhead due to one of David Gray’s more excited foot stomps.

The recording came out wonderfully, so it should turn up on the radio in the coming weeks / months. Tune into KFOG to check it out.

Super Adventure Club plays Jan 6 in SF


I’ve been spending a good bit of time on Super Adventure Club lately. So far we’ve played 4 shows, made stickers, T-Shirts, released a video on YouTube and are in the process of recording our first EP. We’re playing the Hotel Utah on Jan 6. Many plans ahead including a summer tour. More on that to come…

Meanwhile, come out to the Hotel Utah Jan 6… and bring a friend or twelve…

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