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Month: March 2007

SXSW, AJ Roach, Four Year Bender and other March News


Had a mighty fine time in Austin running around with old friends and some new ones. AJ Roach played some great shows and also saw some great sets by friends in Zykos, the Whigs, Trances Arc and the Modern Skirts. I managed to sleep a little more this time than previous years, perhaps since our hotel wasn’t 20 miles from the middle of town…

AJ Roach was also featured on the HearYa music blog right before SXSW and Four Year Bender showed up on there a few days after…

Still working on albums for the Moors and Francesca Lee, all of which are going really well.

In some completely non-music related work, I’ve been recording several audio tours for museums this month: one for Millenium Park in Chicago and another for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Co-Producing My Revolver Album with Boone Spooner


Recorded an album for the SF band My Revolver in 5 and a half days with my partner in crime, Boone Spooner, co-producing at Sound Arts. The band sounds kind of like a bar brawl between AC/DC, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop. It’s raw, loose, high energy screaming with loud guitars and drums. All the good things that rock is supposed to be. They’re playing Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on Wednesday April 4.

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