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Month: October 2006

Recording Regina Spektor at the Fillmore


Recorded Regina Spektor at the Fillmore last night. She’s a really great dynamic performer and songwriter, a gorgeous voice and some very very strange music which I think people either love or hate. Since she sold out the Fillmore, I guess people around here lean towards the love. I thought she was great. Very gracious and unassuming too. We hung out with her and her crew for a while after the show before they headed down to L.A to play the late night talk show circuit. It’s always nice to see the good guys winning.

Recording Tom Petty


Recorded Tom Petty at the Greek Theater on Friday. Great show. It’s amazing to see a band that has been playing together for 30 years. Incredibly, tight and dynamic. Stevie Nicks joined them on a few songs… it was a great show and fun to work with my old friend Joel Jaffe, who was one of the first people to teach me much of what I know about mixing and engineering.

The recording is going to be used on a forthcoming live DVD.

Kaki King, Coppola Film Work, Jim Bruno Mixing, Alcatraz Audio Tour


Almost finished mixing Jim Bruno’s upcoming album.

2006-10-02-Youth Without Youth

Recorded a solo piano piece with Stephen Prutsman for an upcoming Francis Ford Coppola movie called Youth Without Youth.


Recorded a live set by Kaki King at the KFOG Playspace. Also recorded a set by the amazing solo bass player Jeff Shmidt who closed the show.


Recorded the Spanish language audio tour of Alcatraz.

Heading to New York at the end of the month for the CMJ Music Festival.

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